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Current (and Near Future) Teaching



  • Fall 2017: CS4200/5200 Artificial Intelligence Methods (Tues., Thur.: 06:00PM~07:15PM)
  • Fall 2017: CS4250/5250 Computer Graphics (Tues., Thur.: 04:00PM~05:15PM)
  • (Spring 2018: CS6200 Adv. Topics in Artificial Intell. (Tues., Thur.: 09:30AM~10:45AM))
  • (Spring 2018: CS6250 Advanced Computer Graphics (Tues., Thur.: 04:00PM~05:15PM))


Teaching Experience



  • Bowling Green State University, Ohio (Associate/Assistant Professor)

- CS1000: Computer Basics

- CS2010: Programming Fundamentals

- CS2020: Object-oriented Programming

- CS2170: Computer Organization

- CS3010: Information Management Technologies

- CS3270: Operating Systems and Networks

- CS3800: Special Topics in CS: Multimedia

     - CS4080: Advanced Operating System

- CS4170: Intro. Parallel Computing

- CS4200: Artificial Intelligence Methods

     - CS4250: Computer Graphics

     - CS5080: Operating Systems

- CS5170: Intro. Parallel Computing

- CS5200: Artificial Intelligence Methods

     - CS5250: Computer Graphics

     - CS6070: Architecture of Computers

     - CS6200: Adv. Topics in Artificial Intell. [Pattern Recognition]

     - CS6250: Advanced Computer Graphics

- CS6800: Seminar in CS: Visualization and HPC


  • Bowling Green State University, Ohio (Visiting Assistant Professor)

     - CS201: Intro. to Object-Oriented Programming

     - CS425: Computer Graphics

     - CS525: Computer Graphics

     - CS6110: Automata and Computability

     - CS680: Seminar in CS: Volume Visualization


  • University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

     - CS102: Intro. Programming Course


Contact Dr. Lee


Department of Computer Science |  Bowling Green State University  |  Bowling GreenOH 43403-0172